The Incoming Stormageddon

In 1 day, I leave my job of 5.5 years, working at Toy Traders, a fantastic toy store in Langley, BC. Toy Traders lays claim to being the largest independent toy and collectible store in Canada. I’ve worked in the collectibles department the entire time I’ve been there, and loved it all.

“Why are you leaving?” I hear you ask. Well, the answer is simple.

In exactly 1 month, and 2 days, my due date for a little baby will be here. So I am starting maternity leave on January 1st.

I am generally a lazy person, so a full month before the due date is probably a good thing. It will give me time to:

Organize baby’s room. Currently baby’s room has been a catch-all for wrapping paper from the holidays, crafting stuff that I don’t currently have a home for, and miscellaneous items that haven’t found a home since we moved in 2 months ago. I’d rather keep their room as Their Room, not a just space that they can sleep in that also can store a bunch of other things, haha.

Prepare and wash all the cloth diapers and clothing we’ve been gathering in the last several months. One of my obsessions has been searching for the perfect cloth diapers for our baby’s bum. I’ve looked at pockets, pre-folds and flats, all-in-two’s, all-in-ones, and “hybrids”. I’ll write about it more later.

Organize the rest of the house. Take down Christmas decor, install baby-proofing, and organize our 3rd bedroom so we can actually access it. Our 3rd bedroom is actually the storage room for comics and books. It’s supposed to be a library, of sorts – although it ended up as a catch-all for so much stuff when we moved, that it’s currently packed with boxes.

And, of course, most importantly, play video games. Because I’m not sure how much time I will have to dedicate to doing so after the baby arrives in February. I’m currently finishing off the Trespasser expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition. And also in the middle of a second play through with a character that is developing a relationship with Solas – and since there’s some certain links to him in the Trespasser expansion (maybe. I’m not done yet!), I want to see how it plays out differently if I romance him, instead of Cullen (who I chose in my first playthrough.).

If you’re a Mama, or Papa, what are some of the things you felt you had to get done before your first baby arrived?


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