In with a bang. And tea.


They say the first day of the New Year, is an indication of how the rest of your year will be.

Well. January 1st was pretty relaxing. Until I went to do dishes. And realized there was water pouring onto the floor, from the cupboard below the sink.

Lots of it.

The pipes connecting one side of the sink to the drain, had broken.

I was supposed to have tea with some fellow geeks the next day, so only having half a sink was going to be… difficult. To say the least.

But, instead of melting down and crying pregnancy tears, I decided one important thing.

At least this happened before baby showed up.

At least the dishwasher works without relying on the pipes that connect to the sink.

At least the water still runs, and we can still wash and bath.

Yes it will be expensive to fix – and money is tight – but I can be thankful that our entire house didn’t explode, and that my friends are sensible and gracious, and were just happy to come over and drink tea and talk about Mamahood and Geek things. They didn’t care our sink was broken.

Speaking of which, do you see the lovely spread up top? My friend Lisa, also pregnant, brought a tin of Christmas baking to fill it out. I made cucumber sandwiches (because, tea parties need cucumber sandwiches). And the lovely Tardis Teapot was given to me by my in-laws for Christmas. It works quite nicely… although I may crochet a tea-cozy for it, as we talked so long, that the tea was cold by the time I went back for more!

So, if the rest of the year is going to be anything like the first two, it will be this:

Love. Friendship. Laughter. Thankfulness. And that we will get through everything, no matter how difficult it might seem, because of those first 4 things.


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