Baby Waiting Game

Feb 2 was my due date for Cuddle Bug (what we’ve been calling the baby, while they’re hanging out in my belly.) – so now I’m playing the waiting game!

Not actually my belly.

At my weekly checkup today, I was told I’m not quite dilated. Which tells me it’s something under 1 cm. Which is better than last week, when there was nothing at all.

I’ve had random contractions on and off the last few days though, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping CB makes an appearance in the next few days. Preferably Friday or Saturday.

Husband wants baby to outright not show up on Sunday – because Superbowl is that day. However, since none of his teams are actually in this year, I’m sure the world won’t end if baby does decide to show up then.

If baby waits till Monday, they’ll be born in the new Chinese New Year – they’ll be a Monkey Baby! Before then, they’re a Sheep! Monkey’s are supposed to be smart and clever, and Sheep are supposed to be quiet and artsy – I’m not sure which I would prefer, haha.

Until baby does show up, I am keeping myself busy, organizing their room, washing baby clothing, and making sure the house is as ready for a baby as I can make it… I don’t know how to prepare us for baby, aside from reading lots of blogs and books – so we might as well be ready in other ways.

Every day also involves a walk, usually with the dog, and constant reminders to drink plenty of water. As much as I want to be a lump on a log, and just play video games, there are too many things to get done before CB arrives, and I’ve put them off too long already.

If you have had children, what did you do to distract yourself until your baby (or babies!) made their appearance?


Image borrowed from Crafter Hours


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