Writing for Women

I’ve always wanted to write a novel, and maybe get it published. I’ve started a few dozen stories over the years, but never finished them.
My Father, a published author (in magazines and newspapers), shared this contest the other day, and it could be just the incentive I need to get a tale finished.
The Half the World Global Literati Award.
The award is encouraging writers of all genders, and anyone 13 and older, to write tales featuring women as the main characters.
Over the last few years, it’s been brought to my attention, that awards like The Hugos, and others like them, are dominated by men. Both the writers, and the characters they write about.
So this, even if I don’t actually enter, is my incentive to write.
Now, I just need to have time around a baby to actually do so.


Great Fluffy Butts – it’s a Baby!

In the last 2 months since I last wrote here, my little baby boy “Bud” came into this world.*
He is my precious little one, but it’s certainly been a challenge getting used to taking care of a baby.


He was born Feb 9, at 10:32 AM, and weighed 8lbs 7oz. I had an emergency C-section, as my pelvic bone was too small to let him through – his heart rate was dropping and no matter how hard I pushed, he wouldn’t have made it through.


I was too out of it by the time I went into surgery to really remember what happened – but my husband says he came out crying and then peed everywhere!


He’s now 2 months old, and he’s grown so much!
He loves cuddles and eating – both breast milk and formula.

He’s started enjoying playtime on his play mat. It has a bar with animals and things to grab on to, attached over his head.


Our dog, Star, is still unsure about him – but she sits at our feet while we’re changing him, and acts protective when other people hold him. He, on the other hand, has finally started recognising her. He smiled at her today when she was sitting next to him on the playmat.
He’ll be running around with her in no time!

*”Bud” is what I will be calling him on this blog. Simply for safety, and possibly not embarrassing him too much down the road. 😉