Easy Blinds to Curtains Upgrade!

When we bought our house last year, the sliding door to our back deck, came equipped with flat, plastic, slat blinds. 
They were boring. And not energy efficient at all.

Last winter wasn’t too cold, so loss of heat wasn’t a huge issue. But this year we’ve had 2 weeks of snow and ice, and every time you think it’ll melt with the rain, it just freezes overnight.

So, it was time to swap out those blind for some heavier curtains, and keep the heat inside better. Because giant windows are the worst for energy efficiency.

I set Bud up in his Exersaucer, and some Sesame Street and got to work!

I had previously hunted second hand stores for some decently priced panel curtains, and came away with a set of 2 Safari themed curtains for $11. I also scoured their curtain rod/accessories bags, and found these curtain hooks: 

They came in a bag of assorted sizes and conditions for $2. 

So far, $14 invested for a nice upgrade.

I had found a few ideas for changing things up, online, and realized I didn’t have to pull down all the hardware from the blinds, and could repurpose the pegs the blinds hang from, for the curtains!

As you can see they clip in and can be removed easily. The curtain hooks slip into them with ease as well.

So I attached all the hooks first, to the curtains.

I Iactually changed it after I took the picture, and moved them to the top row, since they needed to reach the floor and not have too much fabric at the top to interfear with movement.

If you’re using hooks like these, be careful, they are very sharp!

Once I was done evenly attaching the hooks across the back of the curtains, I simply hung the hooks from the pegs where the blinds previously were. There are 2 notches in the pegs to hold the blinds in, and I had to make sure to put the hooks above the top notch, otherwise they just fell out.

Considering I didn’t even pull out a ladder to put these up, I’d say this was one super simple upgrade, that not only looks good – it will save us money on our hydro bill each month as well!

What are some easy upgrades you’ve done to your home? Have you done anything to be more energy efficient and save money in the long run? 


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