How We Treat Others

I will place a firm warning right here: I have some strong opinions on how people are treating one another recently. And this post has some strong language in it. 

As we all know, the USA has had a new President since January of this year. He has made many bold and daring decisions. I don’t agree with most of them. I think the man is an ass. He is a 3 year old in the body of an adult, and he holds one of the most influential seats of power in the world.

But this post isn’t about him. Not directly, at least.

This is about how we, as humans, treat others humans. And how that has changed in the last year.

Yes, year. Because how people treat others has steadily gone downhill since Brexit in 2016.

That’s not to say we, as humans, have been doing a good job in the “be nice to others” catagory before then. I don’t think we’ve ever been good at that.

However, at least from my perspective, we were making progress. People were starting to understand that differences are not justifiable reasons for treating another human badly. Or at least they were pretending like they understood – maybe they just understood how socially unacceptable it was becoming.


Brexit started a wave of racism in the UK, much larger than previous years. And the election of Donald Trump just added to it, sending the wave rolling across the ocean to affect the people of North America.

Trump has simply added fuel to the fire, and somehow his racism is creating this strange reasoning amongst some folks, that its suddenly okay to be horrible to their black, Muslim, Hispanic or First Nations neighbours. 

I can only say this.

There are shitty Christians out there.

There are shitty Muslims out there.

There are shitty atheists out there.

Shitty Jews. Shitty Sikhs. Shitty Buddhists.

There are shitty humans everywhere. 

But there are also really nice Christians. Genuinely caring and loving Muslims. Atheists who will give a poor man on the street, the shoes off their own feet. Jews who will turn the other cheek and show kindness to those who speak poorly of them. Sikhs who gather en masse to donate blood every year, because it’s in them and other people need it to live. Buddhists who selflessly volunteer their time to help the elderly or feed the poor.

Shitty humans and nice humans. 

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow. What your ethnic background is.

It matters that you have the power to overcome the differences, and understand that at our core. The very essence of humanity is all the same.

We all want to love. To live and be happy. To have friends and to learn. To feel safe, and to feel respected.

We, as humans, in our day to day lives, need to look past the things that make us different, and remember that we are all the same.

Be nice to your fellow humans. That’s all I ask.


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