Its been a while! 

Summer has passed, and fall is coming close to its end, my how the time has passed!

Bud will be 9 months old next week – it’s amazing all the things he is learning and discovering. It seems like there is something new each day!

He is crawling around every where and getting into mischief – and making me realize just how bad my house keeping skills are!

Now that he’s so much more mobile, I needed to step up and start baby proofing – I covered over our TV stand with clear vinyl a few months ago when a toddler was visiting – however, Bud has figured out how to pull it down to reach the cords he wants. I’m worrying that a whole different TV stand would be the best bet – but we need more storage anyways, it could be a good investment.

Over the summer we also started going to a new church. One of the girls iny baby group, invited us to her daughter’s dedication, and we instantly felt at home. We had been looking for a new home church for a while, and God must have felt it was time to settle again. The overwhelming welcome we felt when we started going, it was mind boggling. We have made many new friends, and have found ourselves entwined in church life so quickly. I took over posting on Facebook for the Church,my husband has gotten involved with worship and we’ve both joined a couple Bible study and prayer groups. I’ve stepped up the baking recently just for Bible studies!

Bud is enjoying it, since there’s many babies around his age. He loves to fall asleep during worship, and play in the baby room during preaching.

I also started taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year – although I’ve had to change my creative focus for a few days to prepare for D&D this weekend. I’ve taken over again as the DM of our little group. Paul graciously managed the group for me, so could adapt to life with our little Bud, and now that I’m starting to figure it out, I feel comfortable doing this again. Planning out an adventure is certainly challenging!

One other challenge I’ve been facing is getting everything done. I feel like I need 6 more hours in every day. Bud goes to bed at 7:30, and Paul goes to work at 10… So I stay up and write, read, play games, catch up on house work and so much more. I end up going to bed at 1 or 2… And Bud wakes up a short time later. My sleep is certainly lacking in the last few months.

Once Bud starts sleeping through the night, it will be alot easier, I think. I still crave the alone time after Paul goes to work, but I need to limit the extremely late bedtimes to once a week I think.

I’ll figure it out!

In the mean time, I’m planning on some cute Christmas gifts for the grandparents, and I’ll see if I can make a guide for them if they turn out okay!

Are you planning on DIY gifts this year?


Geek Cloth Diapers: Melissa’s Makes

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I decided on, was that I was going to cloth diaper my sweet baby’s bum.

Funky Fluff Diapers and Accessories

There are various reasons for doing this. My personal reasons are for saving money and producing less waste.

In trying to save money, I searched high and low to find the best deals for the highest quality diapers.

Of course, in my search, I also discovered how many adorable patterns there are out there for diapers. And then I made the mistake of looking on Etsy.

Etsy, the bane of every wallet, but a wealth of geeky baby items.

My favorite shop to sit and drool over, is Melissa’s Makes, based in Ontario, Canada.

She makes loads of adorable diapers – newborn sizes, All-in-ones, and pocket style, all with sweet and awesome patterns and designs. Her pricesĀ are assorted, depending on the style of diaper, and the fabric pattern.

Above you can see a small sampling of her pocket designs. My favorites are the Galaxy design, and the silver – which, I’m certain would basically give your baby a disco ball bum. Which would be awesome.

A specialty of the shop, theseĀ are some of her “Miniloones” and “Maxiloones,” also known as “Grow with me” pants. These pants are great for fitting over cloth diapers, and looking adorable at the same time. The Science Miniloones are adorable, and a great way to encourage science from a young age! And, as a big Doctor Who fan, I assure you, I will be picking up those fantastic Tardis print pants, once baby is born!

If you don’t see patterns you like, she’s also open to custom designs!

Please, check Melissa’s Makes out on Etsy, or on Facebook! She’s super nice, and lovely to deal with!

In with a bang. And tea.


They say the first day of the New Year, is an indication of how the rest of your year will be.

Well. January 1st was pretty relaxing. Until I went to do dishes. And realized there was water pouring onto the floor, from the cupboard below the sink.

Lots of it.

The pipes connecting one side of the sink to the drain, had broken.

I was supposed to have tea with some fellow geeks the next day, so only having half a sink was going to be… difficult. To say the least.

But, instead of melting down and crying pregnancy tears, I decided one important thing.

At least this happened before baby showed up.

At least the dishwasher works without relying on the pipes that connect to the sink.

At least the water still runs, and we can still wash and bath.

Yes it will be expensive to fix – and money is tight – but I can be thankful that our entire house didn’t explode, and that my friends are sensible and gracious, and were just happy to come over and drink tea and talk about Mamahood and Geek things. They didn’t care our sink was broken.

Speaking of which, do you see the lovely spread up top? My friend Lisa, also pregnant, brought a tin of Christmas baking to fill it out. I made cucumber sandwiches (because, tea parties need cucumber sandwiches). And the lovely Tardis Teapot was given to me by my in-laws for Christmas. It works quite nicely… although I may crochet a tea-cozy for it, as we talked so long, that the tea was cold by the time I went back for more!

So, if the rest of the year is going to be anything like the first two, it will be this:

Love. Friendship. Laughter. Thankfulness. And that we will get through everything, no matter how difficult it might seem, because of those first 4 things.